Furniture & Lighting

Often clients come to us to replace and update existing furnishings fixtures or to furnish an existing space. We provide furniture layouts, fabric leather selections, furniture lighting sourcing and procurement along with managing installations of new furnishings. We can also design custom furnishings and built-ins to create a distinctive interior that is unique to the home.


Art, Accessories & Staging

Art & accessories are like the jewellery of the home, they provide inspiration and a glimpse into the owner’s travels, tastes, thoughts and emotions. Art is personal, and can be expressed in many mediums.  We work with selecting artworks from local galleries and vendors that resonate with you and accentuate your home.  Often, art and accessories are all that are needed to help a home sell or demand a higher asking value.  We are here to help with your art and accessory selections and can stage your home for resale, if desired. 


PCID can provide guidance and advice on the selection of interior and exterior architectural elements & furnishings. We can provide recommendations on space planning, color selections, flooring, wall-covering, hardware, lighting, furnishings, art and accessories. Sometimes all a client needs is someone to bounce ideas off of… We love to collaborate!